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Photogrammetry -

Gathering environmental and land data

through the use of aerial photography
Cartography -

Creating digital maps for a 

wide variety of software
Orthophoto - 

Creating scaled photo maps 

from aerial photography
GIS - 

A system to capture, manipulate, 

and analyze geographical data.
Viewscapes - 

Photorealistic environmental

rendering for planning purposes.
Custom or off the shelf

aerial photography.
High resolution precision scanning 

of photogrammetric imagery.
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Digital Orthophoto Production

Delta has recently added digital orthophotos to its line up. Many people prefer to use aerial photographs rather than maps, but enlarged photos are only to scale at a given ground elevation and are not suitable for accurate measurements. Orthophotos, on the other hand, are corrected for scale differences, plus photographic tips and tilts so the final product is as accurate as a map at the same scale. The orthophoto can be provided in hard copy as a paper or mylar print, or as a digital image which can be viewed and manipulated on a graphics work station in conjunction with graphic overlays.