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Photogrammetry -

Gathering environmental and land data

through the use of aerial photography
Cartography -

Creating digital maps for a 

wide variety of software
Orthophoto - 

Creating scaled photo maps 

from aerial photography
GIS - 

A system to capture, manipulate, 

and analyze geographical data.
Viewscapes - 

Photorealistic environmental

rendering for planning purposes.
Custom or off the shelf

aerial photography.
High resolution precision scanning 

of photogrammetric imagery.
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Viewscapes of proposed forest cover and landscaping changes can be generated from existing mapping to aid in land use planning. These images were generated from a combination of MOF FC1, TRIM, and our own 1:5000 operational maps. The proposed cutblocks, landings, and roads were provided by the customer as a CAD file.

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Aerial View of Proposed Cutblocks

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Water View of Proposed Cutblocks