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Photogrammetry -

Gathering environmental and land data

through the use of aerial photography
Cartography -

Creating digital maps for a 

wide variety of software
Orthophoto - 

Creating scaled photo maps 

from aerial photography
GIS - 

A system to capture, manipulate, 

and analyze geographical data.
Viewscapes - 

Photorealistic environmental

rendering for planning purposes.
Custom or off the shelf

aerial photography.
High resolution precision scanning 

of photogrammetric imagery.
Free Sample CD

Digital Cartography

Delta Aerial Surveys has a full range of mapping services to accommodate both government agencies and private companies.

We have provided digital maps for many fields, including:

  • Forestry - both operational and MOF inventory
  • Mining     Sample - 572 kB GIF
  • Urban     Sample - 234 kB GIF
  • Golf Courses     Sample - 189 kB GIF
  • Architectural Modeling     Sample - 30 kB GIF

We also support a wide variety of mapping software:

  • Intergraph and Microstation DGN
  • Autocad DWG and DXF
  • Mapinfo MIF and TAB
  • British Columbia Ministry of Environment MOEP and SAIF
  • ARC/INFO Shape and E00
  • Terramodel
  • Microsoft Excel

Hardcopy up to 36' x 48' can be provided on paper or mylar.